Know me

Claudia Botero is a professional Plastic Artist and Psychologist, who has dedicated her work in the area of health and artistic production, integrating these two professions under the paradigm of emotional intelligence and the integration of information using both cerebral hemispheres; that is, working on the order, structure and rationality of the world, with the conscious and responsible accompaniment of the intuitive, perceptive and emotional system.

Claudia has studies in Art Therapy at the Metáfora Center associated to the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona and also with studies and practice in Art Therapy with Gestalt approach.  She has a Specialization in Mood and Anxiety Disorders with the University of León, and another one in Naturopathic Biological Methods with FUNIBER. 

As a writer she appears in the catalog of contemporary Colombian novels published by the EAFIT University of Medellin in 2003, with her book of poetic prose "Díptico de Buena Mesa y Brujería" (Diptych of Good Table and Witchcraft). 

As an artist, she has more than 150 international exhibitions, over more than 20 years of professional life in the world of plastic arts and several awards of international importance in his artistic production in the area of engraving. She received her basic training in the arts for two years in Florence at the "Instituto per l`Arte e il Restauro Palazzo Spilnelli", where she learned drawing and classical painting, but she has also received training in the plastic arts in Holland, England, Germany, Cuba and Colombia.

In the field of alternative practices for the integral health and well-being of the human being, she is a Reiki master of the Usui tradition, a student and initiate in Traditional Chinese Medicine and has also been initiated in the tradition of the Q´ero of the Andes mountains, who propose that the person who heals the world is that being who develops himself with integrity, beauty and harmony in the world that surrounds him.

Claudia also completed a Master's degree in Psychobiology and Neurosciences with the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, with the fundamental objective of deepening the understanding of human biological processes and the impact of the mind, thoughts, imagination, in the development of health, optimal well-being and joy of life.