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Fantasy Portrait

What your soul hides drawn by an artist

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Real art to use on fabrics, paintings, cushions and wherever you like!

Would you like to have your fantasy portrait?
Here's how to do it:

1- You send me a picture of yourself that you like very much.

2- You choose a theme which can be 

  • a- Pegasus/Unicorns

  • b- Male energy and gods, 

  • c- Feathered serpent

  • d- Koi fish


3- You pay the sum of the introductory offer price of $540 dollars via PayPal or to an account in Costa Rica. When you reserve  I will give you additional instructions.

Only in Costa Rica shipping is FREE. After 8 to 12 working days I will send you the printed silk of your graphic piece and to your mail a file of maximum resolution so you can use your image as you like. 



What I am going to send you:
-A hand drawn portrait of you in pencil in a renaissance technique with your face and a power animal. Paper size 31 cm by 45 cm.

-A silk print of the digitally worked portrait of 70 cm by 95 cm.

-A full resolution digital file of this work for you to use in print or in different platforms or formats.

Outside Costa Rica, shipping and handling is added to the cost. 

Please note that your Fantasy Portrait will be in a similar aesthetic and colors to the portrait you have as a sample on this page.

You can use the full resolution file I've sent you of your Fantasy Portrait to have pictures of yourself, printed fabrics for scarves, blankets, pillows, etc; use it as promotion in your networks or for personal presentations, postcards, cards and everything you can think of! Find a good print supplier and have fun and embellish all your spaces with this beautiful image of you!

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Bring art into your life, fill your life with spirit, joy and beauty!

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I want to reserve my place for a piece of art about me.

Thanks for submittingI will write to you soon with additional instructions.